Options for Playing Mega Moolah

If you dream of winning an online jackpot, you have doubtless heard of Mega Moolah.

This game offers the most massive jackpots you are going to find anywhere on the web. You may be a little confused though about how you are supposed to play Mega Moolah. Do you need to download software? Can you play the game directly in your web browser? Is it better to play it on a PC or laptop? Or will Lady Luck favour you on a smartphone or tablet? Let’s go over your options so you can pick what works best for you.

Downloading Mega Moolah: Pros and Cons

Depending on the device you are on, you may be able to download software which allows you to play Mega Moolah. This software only exists for those using Windows. There are no official downloads available for other operating systems.

Here are the main pros of downloading software to play Mega Moolah:

  • You can access the game in seconds just by clicking on the desktop icon.
  • Once you input your login information, you do not have to do so every time you want to play. The software will remember you.
  • Since the software runs right on your computer, it can operate more quickly and may be less prone to glitches. The result is a more reliable, enjoyable experience.

Here are the principle cons of downloading software to play Mega Moolah:

  • Obviously, if the software is not compatible with your computer and operating system, you cannot use it.
  • If you switch devices, you cannot make use of the software unless you download it to that device as well.

You may lack the privileges to install the software on the device in question (a work computer, for example).

In-Browser Mega Moolah

Pros and Cons

The other option is to load Mega Moolah right in your web browser. No download is required.

Here are the pros of playing Mega Moolah in your web browser:

  • Play Mega Moolah on any device. So long as you have a working web browser, it does not matter what kind of device you are on or what operating system you are using. You can play Mega Moolah.
  • Simplicity and convenience. You already use your web browser for a variety of tasks every day. To play Mega Moolah, you just navigate to the casino site, log in, and click on the game.
  • No download or installation process. The Mega Moolah software usually works great, but that does not mean it is impossible to run into snags with downloading and installing. When you play in your browser, you can skip all that.

Here are the cons of playing Mega Moolah in your web browser:

  • Unless you save your password information (which is not the most secure thing to do) in your browser, you have to log in each time you want to play.
  • Because the game is running in your browser, it may not operate as smoothly as it would if you downloaded the software. If your browser hangs up, that could disrupt your slot experience. 

What About Playing on Mobile?

Your mobile device probably has iOS or Android as the operating system. That means you cannot download the software to play on your device, since it is Windows-only. You may see “apps” for Mega Moolah online, but these are not official.


To play Mega Moolah on your mobile device, all you need to do is access the game through your web browser. To learn more, read How to Play Mega Moolah on Your Mobile Device.

Home PC vs. Mobile Devic

Which Is Better for Mega Moolah?

To some extent, this is covered in the linked article above. But let’s go over some quick pros and cons.

Pros of mobile Mega Moolah:

  • You can play Mega Moolah anytime, anywhere, so long as you are connected to the internet.
  • A lot of people no longer even own full-size laptops or desktop computers. Mobile Mega Moolah makes it possible for those with tablets or smartphones only to play.
  • The quality of the experience is just as high for the mobile version of the game as it is for the version you play on your laptop or desktop computer.

Cons of mobile Mega Moolah:

  • Some people may not enjoy playing on a small screen, even with fantastic resolution.
  • When you can play Mega Moolah anytime from any location, it can be hard to log off. The temptation is strong to keep playing!

If you are ready to start playing, see our recommendations page to find the best Mega Moolah casinos. Otherwise, read on to get answers to some frequently asked questions.

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