What were the biggest Mega Moolah jackpots ever?

Who were the most unlikely winners?

Below, you can view a chart with the entire history of Mega Moolah jackpots. As you’ll see, even the “smallest” jackpots on this list were massive!
Mega Moolah Jackpot Winner History
Jackpot AmountCurrencyDate/Time
R4,308,741.01ZAR15/11/2007 13:45
$5,556,753.68USD18/04/2008 15:03
€6,374,599.92EUR09/05/2009 18:03
€1,171,776.64EUR03/07/2009 23:25
$1,242,561.85USD05/10/2009 19:34
€2,547,086.98EUR29/11/2010 8:49
R2,512,992.33ZAR15/06/2011 22:40
€3,841,871.46EUR11/10/2011 19:14
$1,528,304.16USD11/03/2012 19:36
€1,391,166.54EUR28/04/2012 16:03
$1,070,272.30USD25/05/2012 15:42
£5,883,044.00GBP09/12/2012 22:46
€3,036,433.21EUR03/05/2013 9:42
$1,062,335.94NZD10/05/2013 5:42
£3,744,513.08GBP06/09/2013 16:43
$1,665,580.61AUD16/12/2013 11:13
$1,668,788.26USD17/01/2014 14:00
$2,318,814.93USD13/02/2014 9:04
$4,259,669.78CAD12/06/2014 4:17
€2,384,388.87EUR18/06/2014 20:42
$1,013,801.05CAD24/06/2014 6:24
$3,841,924.88CAD09/11/2014 7:42
$7,562,019.94CAD09/04/2015 9:48
£13,213,838.68GBP06/10/2015 23:08
$10,144,395.82NZD17/06/2016 13:35
$11,610,536.59CAD28/08/2016 20:27
$11,633,898.44CAD05/11/2016 20:47
$5,634,326.71AUD15/11/2016 23:44
$8,453,754.28CAD16/01/2017 12:29
$9,572,948.34CAD14/03/2017 23:34
€8,012,153.35EUR25/04/2017 7:09
€3,722,530.12EUR22/05/2017 13:11
$1,000,350.40CAD22/05/2017 18:26
$1,599,752.60NZD19/06/2017 8:28
$1,000,727.50AUD19/06/2017 17:14
€1,821,567.23EUR06/07/2017 14:04
$5,131,819.30AUD14/08/2017 18:56
€7,742,015.53EUR25/09/2017 21:18
£1,448,116.31GBP01/10/2017 2:13
$1,413,537.73CAD15/11/2017 5:05
€4,278,677.94EUR18/12/2017 8:56
$3,688,145.24CAD14/01/2018 04:00
$7,453,168.03CAD27/02/2018 20:00
€4,365,843.63EUR08/03/2018 0:30
$5,691,921.42USD19/04/2018 20:43
£1,778,226.80GBP20/04/2018 21:30
$8,332,554.01NZD24/06/2018 18:10
€18,910,668.01EUR28/09/2018 17:00
$20,059,287.27CAD30/01/2019 17:30
$12,945,668.34USD05/03/2019 06:30
$3,308,063.71CAD06/03/2019 20:30
$8,162,217.05CAD04/05/2019 00:30
£5,543,986.99GBP24/05/2019 01:30
£3,033,563.60GBP17/06/2019 17:30
$5,954,437.97CAD10/08/2019 21:30
$4,746,748.54CAD05/09/2019 04:00
$4,443,185.39CAD30/09/2019 22:00
£3,558,858.68GBP16/10/2019 09:30
£2,771,102.29GBP08/11/2019 21:00
$4,966,561.64NZD30/12/2019 02:00
$16,496,347.95CAD05/04/2020 22:00
$13,615,861.49NZD08/05/2020 14:00
$9,959,553.83CAD24/05/2020 20:30
$4,480,847.46CAD27/05/2020 03:00
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Check out some mind-blowing Mega Moolah winner stories below.

Jon Heywood Won €17,879,645 on October 6, 2015

The most famous Mega Moolah winner ever is probably Jon Heywood. This 26-year-old soldier had just returned home to Cardiff from Afghanistan. With only £30 in his casino account online and a stake size of just 25 pence, his life transformed over the course of a mere 7 minutes.

At the time he won his €17,879,645, it was a record. Guinness still has it logged as the “Largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game.”

Heywood, ever thinking of others, used the money to take care of his ailing father, who needed a lung and heart transplant. Afterwards, he rewarded himself with a new Bentley Continental GT.

John Orchard Won £5.88 million on December 9, 2012

While the story of John Orchard may not sound as dramatic as Jon Heywood’s, at the time when he won his Mega Moolah jackpot back in 2012, it was huge news. He was playing a Dark Knight slot game which at the time was part of the jackpot network for Mega Moolah. The Mega Moolah jackpot had only just topped £5 pounds for the third time.

While some winners take their time adjusting to their new fortune, Orchard jumped right into his new wealth. Soon after discovering he was a winner, he quit his day job and treated himself to a Jaguar.

Rawiri Pou Won NZD 10,144,395.82 on June 17, 2016

Another impressive win went to Rawiri Pou from New Zealand in 2016. When he found out he was a winner, Pou could hardly process the news. He said, “Right now, the amount is too big to comprehend. But I come from a very close-knit family, so I’d like to spoil my family.”

Pou’s win was good news not only for himself and his family but also for gamblers everywhere, as it turned out. Why? Because he won the amount in NZD rather than in British Pounds.

Why is that relevant? There is a special rule which comes into play when someone wins a jackpot in a foreign currency. Only when a player wins a jackpot in GBP does it automatically reset to £1 million, as promised by Microgaming. The rest of the time, the amount which the gambler won is converted into pounds, and this then becomes the approximate “reset” value for the jackpot.

So when Pou won NZD 10,144,395.82, that amount was equal to £4,983,535.89. The reset value for the jackpot ended up being £5,160,859.93. The amount continued to grow from there, and the next winner took home CAD 11,610,536.59 after scoring a jackpot on Mega Moolah mobile.


Klaus E. Won USD 5,556,753.68 on April 18, 2008

Another famous winner well worth a mention is Klaus E. from Finland. Klaus was not the first Mega Moolah winner, but he was the first who didn’t opt to be totally anonymous. The very first winner actually took home R4,308,741.01 in 2007. Klaus won USD 5,556,753.68 the following year. His story did a lot to boost interest in Mega Moolah and motivate other players to try out the game.

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Before that magical moment when Lady Luck reached out her hand, none of these winners could have imagined that they were about to become multi-millionaires. It seemed like just another day in the lives of Klaus E., Rawiri Pou, John Orchard, and Jon Heywood—until it wasn’t. In an instant in time, everything changed.


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